VCUDine FAQs What’s the difference between Dining Dollars and Ram Bucks?
Dining Dollars are a declining balance through the dining plan. Think of Dining Dollars as a prepaid and reloadable debit card, accepted at VCUDine locations (including vending machines), for anything from Starbucks coffee to a full meal at Chili’s @ VCU. Ram Bucks are a declining balance through the VCU Card Office. Both are loaded onto your VCUID.
What is Build Your Own Swipe and how does it work?
Our Build Your Own (BYO) Swipe program is an a la carte way to create your meal. Use it for consumables at Ram City Market, P.O.D. Market and any of our retail locations (excluding Starbucks) up to $9.40.
Where can students eat with allergy restrictions?
VCUDine has the expertise and resources to accommodate most types of allergy constraints. Contact for more information about eating on campus with allergy restrictions. 
How do I choose a dining plan?
Once enrolled at VCU, students can visit the "Dining Plans" tab on our website to select their plan. 
What’s the most popular dining plan for first-year students?
200 swipe + $225 dining dollars is typically our most popular plan.
What is a required dorm?
A required dorm is a residential hall that does not have a full kitchen, which includes Brandt, Johnson, Rhoads, GRC, GRCIII and Honors College. These plans are identified as such on and in our dining brochure.
If you would like more information, have questions about Dining Plans, or need help with anything involving on campus dining, please contact us.
Phone: (804) 828-1148
Social: @VCU_Dining